The features of toothbrush packaging machine

2024-04-08 10:25:00

The features of toothbrush packaging machine:

1.Innovative invention

Certified by authoritative institutions in China and has become a device of "China's   

technological innovation and invention achievements".

2.Automation equipment

Integrating toothbrush blister machine, toothbrush labeling machine, and toothbrush high-frequency machine

3.Material cost savings

Leftover materials save 37.5% of production costs compared to traditional packaging models.

4. Save production space

Reduce production process, save production turnover space and equipment floor space.

5 .Saving labor costs 

Reducing equipment and production processes, saving labor costs.

6 .Efficient and convenient

High efficiency, strong stability, high adjustability, low mold cost, and easy replacement.

toothbrush blister machine

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