1. What are the advantages of your company
Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 8,520 square meters and a building area of 32,820 square meters. Since its establishment in 1988, it has an advanced technology research and development center, first-class production equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad. Scientific and technological innovation and invention achievements” and other domestic authoritative institutions certification.
2. Why choose your product
Since 1988, the company has developed a series of equipment for the toothbrush industry. It has been researching products in the toothbrush market for more than 30 years. After continuous improvement, a number of patented products independently developed by the company have been recognized by national authorities. As of 2022, the equipment has 99% of products in the toothbrush market.
3. What are the characteristics of high-speed hair planting machine
High-speed, wide range of applicable products, has obtained a number of independent research and development patented products and "Top Ten Brands of Hair Planting Machines" and other domestic authoritative organizations.
4. What are the characteristics of the toothbrush packaging machine
It has the advantages of high efficiency, strong stability, high adjustability, low mold cost, easy replacement, low wear, and low noise.
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