We are a professional manufacturer of toothbrushes machinery and equipment. Owning a larger number of technical who has been engaged in developing and desiging toothbrush machinery, and production management, Chuangyan manufactures automatic toothbrush blister labeling & packing machine, intelligent CNC high-speed Tufting Machine, automatic high frequency welding machines, automatic flat grinding machines, pneumatic hair cutting machines, shank-cutting machines, precise tablet machines and daily travel supplies equipment.

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  • Toothbrush Tufting Machine
  • Blister Packaging Machine
  • Toothbrush Trimming Machine

Toothbrush Tufting Machine

ZMJ8M-C3 Toothbrush Tufting & Trimming Machine 1. Using German CNC technology to develop an automatic intelligent CNC scanning hole coordinate touch screen LCD computer control system 2. Using original Japanese Fuji 6-axis servo motor and 8-axis variable frequency motor 3. Double-station trimming device (flat and wave cutter) 4. Eight-level omnidirectional positive and negative cone swing rotary imported steel grinding disc (rounding rate as high as 90%) 5. Full automatic manipulator handle device and universal turret (easy to replace the handles) 6. Using German FESTO valve, INA, AFG, DURBAL and Japanese NSK, lKO and other brand bearings. 7. The fully closed loop system has strong stability, high repeat positioning accuracy, easy operation, and strong anti-interference performance

Blister Packaging Machine

Based on former toothbrush packing technology from Korea Xinya and German our researchers took the initiative to develop a new type of Automatic Toothbrush Blister Labeling & Packing Machine,combining with the new toothbrush in the market.Comprised of automatic paper setting,thermal synthesis technology and punching shear,this machine applies full Servo labeling,enjoying high-tech imported CNC coding and PLC programmable logic ,which gives this new machines an edge in high efficiency,high stability high adjustability,low cost of molding,convenient replacment,low wear,low noise level and so on. This machine has been obtained a number of nationak technical invention patents.

Toothbrush Trimming Machine

1.Cutting function:two hair cutting platform,can put 1 to 2 the similaries and difference of wavy hair cutter 2.54pcs brushes handle fixture accuracy 3.Treatment of circular mill: 1) 8pcs inverted cone swaying rotary diamond grinding disc by import. 2) Total enclosed grinding disc suction hood. 4.Six levels of variable frequency adjustable sharpen treatment 5.Automatic trimming dust jet 6.3.5KW large flow centrifugal dust collector